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Create Synchronicity Is a Tiny, Portable Backup and Sync Utility

Create Synchronicity Is a Tiny, Portable Backup and Sync Utility Windows only: Portable, open-source backup utility Create Synchronicity is a tiny but powerful way to run backups or synchronize folders on your system, an external drive, or to another PC on your network.

Once you’ve launched the utility, you’ll need to click on the New Profile icon and type in a name for the profile, which will open up the settings window where you can choose the source and destination folders and choose the other options you might want. Once you’re done, you can easily run the backup profile, or setup scheduling options to happen automatically. Create Synchronicity is free and open source, works on Windows systems only.


EVO and The Worst of PTCL

Few days ago While I was siting in my Office I asked my teacher , “Sir How’s your EVO going??” and his reply was, “I can’t use it on windows 7. Drivers are not compatible and I went to PTCL office twice for the solution and finally they said to me that EVO is not designed for windows 7. So I am going to Install XP also.”

At that time I was like “How is this thing possible?” Then I played with that for some time and found out a very simple solution for that. I just ran the EVDO software on windows 7 in compatibility mode using Windows XP SP3 as compatible environment and it worked fine. I am still not getting this point that the Biggest tele communication company in pakistan don’t have any solution for this problem. They are selling a product and they don’t have the drivers at all and no technical assistance is available.

I’ll write a tutorial on this soon for those who don’t know how to do this.

Light Touch interactive projector turns any flat surface into a touchscreen

light touch_01

A CES Innovations Honoree in both the Media Player and Personal Electronics categories, the “Light Touch” from the house of Light Blue Optics is an interactive projector that featuring multi-touch technology turns any flat surface into a touchscreen. Liberating the multimedia content from the small screen, thanks to Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) technology, the Light Touch produces bright, high-quality video images in WVGA resolution, so you could access the content as you do on other portable devices. Moreover, you can control the projector and interact with applications by touching the image with your finger, as it comes integrated with infrared sensors which transform the projected image into a 10.1″ virtual touch-sensitive display. Be it retail, living or workplace, you can interact with multimedia content and create your own environment with minimum fuss.

light touch_06
light touch_07
light touch_02
light touch_03
light touch_04
light touch_05
light touch_08

CAN YOU RUN IT ( is a simple online tool which tells you whether your computer will be able to cope with specific PC games.

You need to install a bit of Java script to analyse your machine for your games of choice.


This mobile phone app is packed with features to help you get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Tell this free app your bedtime and what time you get up, and its activation filters will make sure you do not get disturbed.

You can also adjust your location which is useful for travellers.

Thin Film Turns Surfaces into Touchscreens

A Portugal based company called Displax is trying to create a way for people to turn their monitors into touchscreens with a simple peel and stick. Over the last few years more touch screen display technologies have emerged. Eventually touch screen displays will be everywhere and the company Displax is trying to make that a reality.

The company has created a paper polymer film that can be stuck on wood, plastic, or glass and can turn any surface into an interactive touch screen device. The polymer film can be placed on any surface whether it’s curved or flat. The film is also thinner than paper.

The films will range from as small as 3 inches to as large as 120 inches. The touchscreen would be extremely user-friendly and user sensitive. For example, a 50-inch screen could detect up to 16 fingers. It’s not just fingers that the touchscreen would be able to detect. The screen could also respond to a user that blows on it.

The thin films will work on transparent and opaque surfaces. Each film is 98% transparent which means a perfect amount of light will be reflected through the surface.

The new touchscreen is definitely a step up for touchscreen technology and could revolutionize the way that people use their computer monitors.

The Bionic Contact Lens

Contact lens of the future

This contact lens has a circuit on it, which lets you see things as if they were projected in front of you – a road map, World of Warcraft, exam hints, the possibilities are endless. The creators, University of Washington duo Ehsan Saeedi and Samuel Kim, made the device using nano-circuitry and teeny-weeny LEDs, 1/3mm across and 20nm thick. They’re also planning on including a solar cell for power. So far, they haven’t tested it extensively, but it’s made out of the same flexible organic materials that regular contacts are made from, so even though it looks a bit uncomfortable, the creators claim that you won’t even know it’s there.

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