The Symphony of Colours

Few days ago While I was siting in my Office I asked my teacher , “Sir How’s your EVO going??” and his reply was, “I can’t use it on windows 7. Drivers are not compatible and I went to PTCL office twice for the solution and finally they said to me that EVO is not designed for windows 7. So I am going to Install XP also.”

At that time I was like “How is this thing possible?” Then I played with that for some time and found out a very simple solution for that. I just ran the EVDO software on windows 7 in compatibility mode using Windows XP SP3 as compatible environment and it worked fine. I am still not getting this point that the Biggest tele communication company in pakistan don’t have any solution for this problem. They are selling a product and they don’t have the drivers at all and no technical assistance is available.

I’ll write a tutorial on this soon for those who don’t know how to do this.


Comments on: "EVO and The Worst of PTCL" (1)

  1. not so sure about that..

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