The Symphony of Colours

A Portugal based company called Displax is trying to create a way for people to turn their monitors into touchscreens with a simple peel and stick. Over the last few years more touch screen display technologies have emerged. Eventually touch screen displays will be everywhere and the company Displax is trying to make that a reality.

The company has created a paper polymer film that can be stuck on wood, plastic, or glass and can turn any surface into an interactive touch screen device. The polymer film can be placed on any surface whether it’s curved or flat. The film is also thinner than paper.

The films will range from as small as 3 inches to as large as 120 inches. The touchscreen would be extremely user-friendly and user sensitive. For example, a 50-inch screen could detect up to 16 fingers. It’s not just fingers that the touchscreen would be able to detect. The screen could also respond to a user that blows on it.

The thin films will work on transparent and opaque surfaces. Each film is 98% transparent which means a perfect amount of light will be reflected through the surface.

The new touchscreen is definitely a step up for touchscreen technology and could revolutionize the way that people use their computer monitors.


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  1. Food for thought, (at least the bits I could make out easily). I am afflicted with color blindness (tritanopia to be precise). I mostly use Konqueror browser (not sure if that matters), and quite a lot of this web page is a little difficult for me to read. I know it is my problem to deal with, in truth, however it would be kind if you could consider color blind folk like me when undertaking your next web page design.

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